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There are times when you know something is wrong -- you just feel off. Things are not going well, and you don't know why. This may be a time for a psychological assessment. Or perhaps you have been asked for an assessment from your employer, or a school. There can be many reasons a psychological assessment could be useful. For those who are concerned about declines in memory function, an assessment may be able to pinpoint a problem area, or serve as a baseline for future comparisons.

We provide psychological assessments that can identify cognitive impairments, learning difficulties, relational issues, and many other concerns. Assessments may be requested by your therapist or your medical doctor. We train doctoral level students to administer and interpret assessment instruments, which allows us to provide assessment batteries to a wider group of clients. If you are interested in talking about the assessment process, or scheduling an assessment, contact Dr. Lisa Campbell at (847) 318-8200, or speak to your therapist.