Willow Wellness Center
1400 Renaissance Drive
Suite 401
Park Ridge, IL 60068

Abundant life for the rest of your life.

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Get to know us.

You may notice that we call ourselves a wellness center. That is on purpose, because we do more here than you might guess. We do psychotherapy, of course. Our staff members are trained mental health professionals. But you may not know that we offer cooking classes. Or meditation classes. Or have a psychologist who practices healing touch, and another one who does hypnosis. We are active in the community. You may even find a bible study here, or a group of folks playing cards.

You see, we think that health is much more than just not having any physical problems. It is also comprised of being resilient, finding happiness, and being in community with others. Alfred Adler defined mental health as being "interested in the interests of others."

You can learn more about us by following the links below, by reading our blog, or by signing up for our monthly e-newsletter at the bottom of this page. (Don't worry -- we won't use your email address for any other purpose, we promise.) Or just call us up, and tell us you'd like to come by. We always have some tea around for our guests.

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