Welcome to Willow.


You have arrived at a place dedicated to deep healing and graceful living, for adults of all ages and their families. We are a multi-disciplinary psychology center located in Park Ridge, Illinois, a near-northwest suburb of Chicago.

We provide psychological care and counseling to address depression, anxiety, and life transition issues, as well as a variety of other concerns - pain management, grief and loss, marital and family issues, dementia, panic attacks, and many other concerns. At Willow we pride ourselves on associating with only the highest quality staff, individuals who are expert in their fields.

We-a psychologist and a pastor-created Willow in 2004 as a unique space, where our great joy (working with older adults; see Am I Too Young for Willow?) met with our community's deep need for psychotherapy services that were both aging-friendly and spiritually-informed. We began with beautiful art pieces, soundproofing, and chairs considerate of aching knees; our clients brought the space to life with their hope, their courage, and yes, their tears.


Since we began Willow, we have expanded our staff in ways that better serve our clients and their families-and in so doing, have expanded the range of adults we can help. One of our psychologists practices couples/family therapy and focuses on improving relationships and communication; another enjoys helping individuals work through life's transitions and changes. Another therapist has special training in health and nutrition education, and helps makes connections between food and mood, as well as overall wellness. And our graduate students help us provide high-quality psychological evaluations. We also offer spiritual direction to adults of all ages and any (or no) religious affiliation.

In addition, we have extended our reach into the community-providing psychotherapy services at assisted living and nursing facilities; facilitating parenting classes at local churches; speaking at senior centers and national conferences alike. Indeed, this website is an effort to reach out to those who may not be able to access our physical offices. We provide information on current topics; list links to some favorite web resources; and have a blog where we share our thoughts, answer your questions, and respond to comments you send us.


Our focus on aging means that we can be experts on issues related to midlife, old age, and all the years in between. We know the books to read, the doctors to recommend, the best-of-the-best community resources. We know how to assess depression, anxiety, memory loss, and dementia; and we know which treatments are recommended. We provide those treatments within our scope of knowledge and experience; and we refer out to others who have different strengths. In so doing, we provide relief during a very complicated time for most people-more and different types of illnesses, questions of whether it's safe to drive or live alone, tensions between caring for aging parents and raising teenagers, changes in career and life activity, loss to death or illness of those people who have meant the most to you.

Remaining in the forefront is our mission to provide a healing space where people feel secure that their life stories are honored, their privacy protected, and their deepest truths respected. People of all ages want to know that someone is there for them, to listen and to care. We all want to make the most of this time on earth, however long or short the years, and Willow is here to help make that possible. Abundant life for the rest of your life-that's our goal. We hope that it is yours, too.

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